The Daily Scoop 2-24-2015

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“The Voice” returns to Monday nights

“The Voice” returned to NBC Monday night with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show’s eighth season.

Sawyer Frederickson’s rendition of “I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow” elicited a four-chair turn.

There’s a change in the coaching ranks again this year, but this time, the new face is a familiar one. “The Voice” queen bee Christina Aguilera is back after a year away from the swirling chairs. The singing star had her second child and says she took time to re-energize herself. She joins staples Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharell. Night two airs Tuesday at 7 p.m. on KDLT.

Series finale of “Parks and Recreation”

As NBC says hello to a new season of “The Voice” this week, it’s saying farewell Tuesday night to one of its long running comedies.

The hour-long series finale for “Parks and Recreation” will follow “The Voice” Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST and put a bow on the show’s seven-season run.

In the early days of “Parks and Recreation,” Amy Poehler had her heart set on one man to play the mayor of Pawnee, Indiana. So much so, Poehler went on Jimmy Fallon’s show back in 2011 to beg Bill Murray. Last week, with the series winding down, Murray finally bit. In fact, his Mayor Gunderson also bit the big one–comically adding to “Parks’” legacy.

But Tuesday night’s series finale brings the last of those moments. The show’s etched a colorful collection of characters, and it’s seen cast members become stars.

The challenge was saying goodbye to the group, one that “Parks” fans will cherish.

Indiana ice sculptures

To some people, another winter storm just means more snow to shovel or plow, but for an Indiana teen, it’s another chance to create works of art, and her work has gone viral. Fourteen-year-old Jasmine Wilson has been making life-size statues out of ice and snow in her front yard.

She says it only took a few hours to construct these masterpieces, no hammer and chisel needed. She used just a pair of gloves, an artistic eye and clever hands. One of her sculptures looks a lot like Michelangelo’s masterpiece, David. Jasmine is hoping for another round of winter weather at her southwest Indiana home so she can make more frozen statues.

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