The Daily Scoop: 2-25-2015

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“American Sniper” trial ends in Texas

While the Hollywood blockbuster “American Sniper” continues to fill theaters across the country, the final scene in the real life drama played out Tuesday night in a rural Texas courtroom, where a former marine was found guilty in the murder of the two men.

A jury found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of killing Chris Kyle, the former U.S. Navy Seal whose autobiography was turned into the hit movie “American Sniper,” as well as his friend, Chad Littlefield.

Routh fatally shot Kyle and Littlefield multiple times at a gun range about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth in February of 2013.

Kyle’s widow, Taya, walked out of courtroom during closing arguments by the defense and did not return when the verdict was announced.

Oscars show receives lowest ratings since 2009

“Birdman” came away as a big winner at the Academy Awards on Sunday, but the broadcast itself, not so much, at least from a ratings standpoint.

Initial ratings indicate that viewership for this year’s edition, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, was down about 16 percent, compared to last year’s show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. That translates into 7.1 million fewer people watching, which makes it the lowest rated Oscars since 2009.

Some observers say fewer people tuned in because, with the exception of “American Sniper”, the major film nominees were not box office hits.

Also, there’s speculation that boycott efforts over the lack of diversity among the acting nominees may have kept some viewers away.

Social media chatter was also down during the show.

About 5.9 million tweets fired out, compared to 11.2 million during last year’s edition.

Manatees freed from storm drain

Rescuers freed several manatees that got stuck in a storm drain in central Florida on Monday.

The manatees got trapped in the drainage culvert in Satellite Beach, south of Cape Canaveral.

A manatee-rescue team from the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission went to work along with police and firefighters.

Rescuers brought heavy equipment into the neighborhood to help out.

By nightfall, some of the manatees were out of the storm drain being released back into safer waters.

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