Two Systems Bring Cold And Snow To Northern Plains

Clipper Brings Cold Air, Panhandle Hooker Brings Snow

It’s been almost a week since we’ve received significant snowfall but a Panhandle Hooker and a Clipper system will change that; bringing not only the chance for significant snowfall but also a very brief Arctic Blast.

There are two systems will come together that will bring snow to the KDLT viewing area. A low pressure system has been developing in the Texas Panhandle, which is how these low pressure systems got the name “Panhandle Hooker”, and has started to pick up plenty of moisture out of the south Pacific.

                                                     300mb Map, Monday Night

Following the path of the warm air, the Panhandle Hooker will lift northward throughout the day on Monday, bringing us clouds and, possibly, some light flurries especially south of I-90. While this is going on, another low pressure system, a Clipper, will move quickly eastward just north of the Canadian/US border. The Clipper doesn’t bring us a whole lot in the way of moisture but it does bring much cooler and drier Arctic air behind a cold front.

Two Low Pressure Systems Tuesday morning

The two low pressure systems will interact with each other over the northern Plains, first bringing the snow then the colder air. Some locations could pick up almost 5″ of snow since  there’s plenty of moisture riding northward out of the Panhandle. You can see this in not only precipitable water maps but also in the Skew T, which is a “snapshot” of the column of air at a specific time. As you can see in the Skew T, the atmosphere will very moist (where the green and red line come together) during the time of the snow fall event.

Precipitable Water Analysis, Tuesday

Skew T from Sioux Falls on Tuesday

The Panhandle Hooker will drop most of the snow starting Monday night and last through the early afternoon hours on Tuesday. The Clipper, starting Tuesday as well, will usher in the cold, Arctic air that will drop us down into the single digits on Wednesday. Because air masses will be changing, we can expect winds to be gusty at times especially Monday night into Tuesday. Keep it tuned into KDLT as we get closer to Tuesday for all the latest updates on snow timing, advisories and warnings if they become issued.

Expected Accumulated Snowfall

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