SF Woman Running Boston Marathon For Good Cause

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Every year, thousands of people from around the world run in the Boston Marathon. This year, a Sioux Falls woman is lucky enough to be one of those participants.

But there’s one small thing that sets her apart from other competitors; she’s not a runner.

Geared up like a seasoned runner, you’d never guess Jessica Brovold is a little out of her element training for one of the most well known races in the world.

“I remember when I told my husband ‘I’m going to run a marathon,’ and he kind of looked at me like you’re kidding, there’s no way you’re going to run a marathon,” said Brovold.

But the truth is, she’s been running an emotional marathon since her daughter Kallie was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013.

“We found out we had to go to Boston for her treatment. If you rewind way back then it was like a little bit of a sense of panic, like where are we going to stay?” said Brovold.

That’s when Jessica found the organization ‘Home Away Boston.’

“It’s a gorgeous apartment. It’s right on the harbor in Charlestown right near Boston. It was literally across the street from Kallie’s hospital where she had to stay,” said Brovold.

Now about a year and a half later, she’s been selected as one of two charity runners to represent the organization in the Boston Marathon.

“It’s over 26 miles but it’s all for a good cause,” said Brovold.

However, the training has come with a few challenges.

“I remember running my first three miles when I started. I started real slow with just three miles and I couldn’t move for like three days,” said Brovold.

Jessica says there have been times when she’s felt like giving up, especially when running through messy South Dakota winter conditions. But she says there’s always one thing that keeps her going.

“When I’m running and I’m so tired and my body hurts I just think of her and I think of all the other kids who are going through this,” said Brovold.

Training aside, it’s that motivation that Jessica hopes will carry her through to the finish line.

“I just think this is absolutely the very least that I can do to give back to this organization.”

As a charity runner, Jessica has set a goal of raising $10,000 for ‘Home Away Boston.’ You can donate by visiting crowdrise.com/teamkallie.

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