The Daily Scoop 3-2-2015

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Leap of Faith

As if skydiving isn’t scary enough, one Australian man is lucky to be alive after a jump went horribly wrong.

A man named Christopher posted his video on YouTube, said to be shot last November. While taking part in a jump 12,000 feet in the sky, Christopher said he suffered a stroke while attempting a left-hand turn at 9,000 feet.

He says he spent the next 30 seconds in free-fall totally unconscious. Luckily for Christopher, his jumpmaster realized something was wrong and took action. After a failed attempt to reach Christopher, the jumpmaster finally was able to grab hold of him, pulling his ripcord around 4,000 feet.

Christopher says he regained consciousness at around 3,000 feet and was able to land safely on the ground.

Celebs take on the Polar Plunge

Singer Lady Gaga recently decided to ‘take the plunge’ with actor Taylor Kinney. Yesterday morning, they took a different type of plunge, one that’s not as warm and fuzzy.

The newly engaged couple was among the thousands of people who braved the icy waters of Lake Michigan for the 15th annual Chicago Polar Plunge, which raises money for the Special Olympics. Kinney is on NBC’s “Chicago Fire.” Gaga wore a Chicago Fire t-shirt for the occasion. A true gentleman, Taylor let his fiancé wear his hat after taking the plunge.

Actor Vince Vaughn was the guest of honor. He wore a Chicago Blackhawks jersey and jeans.

Will Smith bumps ‘Fifty Shades’ from top spot

A superstar’s first movie in two years opened with mediocre results, but it was enough to claim the weekend’s top spot. 

Will Smith’s “Focus” knocked out “Fifty Shades of Grey” after two weeks on top. The con-man drama earned about $19 million in its debut.

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” was the number two movie for the third weekend in a row. The action comedy starring Colin Firth took in just under $12 million.

“The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” was third in ticket sales. The animated comedy earned slightly more than $11 million in its fourth weekend of release.