The Daily Scoop: 3-3-2015

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Pushing the line?

NBC’s Saturday Night Live sparked a Twitter frenzy early Sunday after it aired a segment poking fun at the infamous Islamic State.

The skit mimics a heartfelt Toyota Super Bowl commercial in which a father drops his daughter off at the airport as she sets off to join the military.

But instead of joining the army, guest host, actress Dakota Johnson, is dropped off to join Islamic militants.

In one exchange, the father tells a member of ISIS to “take care of her” – to which he responds, “death to America.”

The spoof set off an internet flurry, with some calling the skit, tasteless and offensive.

New Amazon Street View

Google is creating Amazon street view, so people from around the world can get a close-up view of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil.

Amazon Street View works the same as Google’s Street View.
It allows users on Google Maps to navigate through hundreds of miles of Brazil’s Amazon jungle by simply clicking and viewing 360 degree photos.

The view travels more than 310 miles of rivers, lakes and streams as well as 12 miles of trails through the Amazon.

The camera was strapped to the backs of hikers as they made their way through the thick forest.

To get an even closer look, Google dropped the system down a zip line to capture images from the heights of some of the tallest trees in the area.

Hockey daughter’s letter goes viral

It’s a story that will get a smile out of everyone.

11-year-old Jordyn Leopold misses her dad because she lives in Minnesota and her dad, Jordan Leopold, plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Jordyn, the daughter, wanted Jordan the hockey player, to get traded to the Minnesota Wild so their family could be together again.

In January, little Jordyn wrote a letter to “the Minnesota Wild coaches” but her mom never put it in the mail.

On Tuesday, the Minnesota Wild traded for her dad. And after the trade, the mom provided the letter to a Twin Cities radio station and the little girl couldn’t have been happier.

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