Unlikely Technology At Farm Show To Help Farmers

Drones are a big draw at farm show

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! Actually, it’s a drone and the unmanned, battery operated aircrafts are quickly making their way from recreational use to agricultural use.

“They’re finding that this is a good, useful thing for agriculture. In cattle, finding displaced cattle, finding cyotoes that are causing trouble on those farms or irrigation pivots that are losing copper heads,” explained Adam Shaw, vice president of Maverick Drone Systems. Maverick Drone Systems is a distribution company based out of Savage, Minnesota.

With the average farm being bigger than four football fields, it’s difficult to monitor such an expanse of land.  But with drones, it’s getting a little easier for farmers like Austin Hillestad of Volga, who says he would also like to use them for other business purposes.

“I’d also like to film some of our equipment as we’re going through the field, I think that’d be fun to see. We also do some custom work and I’d also think that it’d be good advertisement.”

Whether they’re for recreational or commercial use, there’s still fear surrounding drones. The fear of being spied on or flying in restricted airspaces has people scared. But Adam believes that educating people on the aircrafts will help calm those fears.

“We feel we can be a drone pilot training academy to support them in getting people certified the right way. Putting them behind maybe 20 hours or 30 hours of flight. Maybe creating that program that doesn’t exist today.”

An unlikely farm technology being a big attraction at the largest-ever Sioux Empire Farm show.

A feature called Follow Me is offered in some drones where the drone will follow behind the user, like a dog following its owner. Unlike with a dog, the user doesn’t have to worry about picking up after the drone.

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