Varicose Vein Procedure Changes Local Man’s Life

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More than 40 million people in the United States suffer from varicose veins and half of them have a family history of the medical condition.

After receiving a laser procedure to move large varicose veins, a Sioux Falls man says his life has drastically changed.

Louis Harmon had varicose veins on his legs for as long as he can remember.

He says the condition made his legs feel heavy and he experienced a constant, dull pain.

Concerned at the condition of his legs, Louis’ wife made a phone call and Louis began the process of having the veins removed about three years ago.

Harmon said, “My legs feel are so much lighter. I can run more. I can exercise and workout more. It kind of changes my outlook and my life because I wear shorts now.”

“The laser procedures started about 15 years ago, so it started very small in about 2000. The research was starting in the late 90’s, but then it’s continued to progress. The lasers have gotten much better,” said Dr. Lornell Hansen, Louis’ doctor.

Both Sanford and Avera have vein clinics.

There are a number of specialized treatment centers in the Sioux Empire including Physicians Vein Clinics where Louis is getting his treatment.

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