The Daily Scoop: 3-13-2015

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Pictures emerge of new Tonga island

First photographs emerged of a new pacific island off Tonga which is believed to have formed after a volcano exploded underwater and then expanded.

The three locals from Tonga visited the volcanic island last weekend.

They landed on a beach, covered with black volcanic sand, and managed to climb all the way to the rim of the crater.

The surface is still hot and the green lake in the crater smelt of sulfur.

The island is one mile long and is cone-shaped.

Experts believe a volcano exploded underwater and then started to expand last month until an island was formed.

It’s expected to erode back into the ocean in several months.

Disney announces “Frozen” sequel

Spring may be right around the corner, but Disney is hoping to freeze everything over at least one more time.

They’re officially making “Frozen 2.”

The studio announced plans for a sequel to the 2013 animated hit at Thursday’s annual shareholder meeting.

“Frozen” was a huge success for Disney – becoming the top-grossing animated film in box office history.

The film also won the Oscar for best animated feature.

Disturbing problem in Ohio neighborhood

There’s a problem hitting residents of one Akron, Ohio neighborhood and it is disturbing and somewhat disgusting.

A man is wanted by police for defecating on cars and even children’s play toys.

It has actually been going on for quite some time and has the neighborhood quite concerned.

Luckily some homeowners set up cameras and one caught the alleged perpetrator.

He was photographed doing his business where one shouldn’t conduct business.

Residents clean up after such an incident but most don’t file police reports, so a huge number went unreported.

Akron police did map 19 incidents going back almost three years as they get closer to the suspect.