‘Kitchen Cousins’ Talk Affordable, Smart Home Upgrades

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It seems like houses these days are getting smarter with a growing number of wireless appliances making their way inside – whether it’s thermostats, even light bulbs!

And if you have thought about some of these upgrades, spring is a great time to do it!

Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, co-hosts of “America’s Most Desperate Kitchens” and “Kitchen Cousins” on HGTV, joined Kevin on KDLT News Today to talk about easy and affordable technology upgrades you can make to your home this spring.

Houses these days are getting smarter and so are their owners with an increasing number of wireless appliances, from thermostats to light bulbs! And it’s a brilliant idea to begin these upgrades during the spring season. Simple steps such as changing a light bulb can make your home more efficient saving you time, money and stress.

An example is LED light bulbs that consumers are still trying to warm up to. And while the initial cost is higher than the incandescent or CFL light bulbs, they are still the cheapest and most energy efficient means by which you can light your home.

The Cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, don’t just change structures, they change lives.

These New Jersey-born first cousins initially captured America’s attention with Kitchen Cousins where they brought numerous kitchens across the States back to life. Cousins On Call saw them take home renovations to a whole new level, while Cousins Undercover gave homeowner heroes the surprise of a lifetime upon returning from a weekend getaway. With 2015’s America’s Most Desperate Kitchens, The Cousins take the next step, targeting the country’s most disastrous kitchens and re-envisioning them completely.

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