Neighborhood Revitalization Program Brings New Homes To Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Residents Also Excited About New Life In Neighborhood

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Over the last 8 to 10 years, the Neighborhood Revitalization Program has built more than 50 homes for families across Sioux Falls. Today, crews took the first step in breathing in new life into another one of those neighborhoods.

“I just think it makes it a more inviting are for everybody.”

Stephanie Heiden is the Executive Director at Furniture Mission, which has been located on North Nesmith Avenue since February of 2004. And she couldn’t be happier that her neighborhood is getting a new look.

“It’s, you know, 8th street,” Stephanie Heiden explained, “Being the place where you’re just gonna find a lot of trash or whatever, and I just think that cleaning this up just a wonderful idea.”

Using both federal and local dollars, the city of Sioux Falls and Affordable Housing Solutions created the Neighborhood Revitalization Program and, over the last 8 to 10 years, they’ve built homes for low income homeowners.

“We’ve built over 50 homes that we’ve sold to low income homeowners through the process,” explained Wayne Wagner, the Housing Development Director for Affordable Housing Solutions, “but we’ve also had opportunities where we’ve had larger lots where we’ve been able to build multifamily fourplexes, fiveplexes.”

The neighborhood revitalization program aims to not only bring suitable housing for low income families, but also a new light to the neighborhood.

“When we take a property out of a neighborhood that’s really, usually, the worst one in the neighborhood it immediately kinda adds a little life into it,” Wayne Wagner explained, “When we go the next step further and add a new home there it really makes a shining example for the neighbors.”

And Stephanie Heiden couldn’t agree more, even having a loss of words.

“It’s just nice to know, whether they leave it grass or something new goes in there, it’s a lot nicer to look out and see what we haven’t, oh boy I blew it, see something nice to look at.”

While there are no current plans for the lot on Nesmith Avenue, the goal of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program is to build around the same number of houses they did last year which is 8. You can find more information about the program and how you can apply for a house here.

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