Sarah Kennedy’s Season At Augie Anything But Quiet!

Sophomore Shortstop Stepping Up For Viking Softball

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Sarah Kennedy might not like the fact we’re doing a story on her.

“Once people started writing about it I noticed it.  I tried not to think about it.  Whenever anyone brought it up I’d be like, stop talking about it!”  Kennedy says.

That’s not going to happen as long as the sophomore keeps putting up eye-popping numbers.

“Sarah has made leaps and bounds in one year.  You know, we knew she’d be good.  We knew she’d be a really good hitter for us.  She was a good hitter for us last year.”  Augustana softball coach Gretta Melsted says.

After leading the team as a freshman with a .373 batting average, Sarah’s off to an even better start, once again leading the way with a .525 average and 22 doubles.

“Get more doubles this year because that was something that I did a lot in high school and I only had maybe six last year.  So I wanted to really use that to my advantage this year.”  Sarah says.

And Kennedy’s doing all of this while changing positions from outfield to shortstop.

“She took her bumps and bruises last year.  Now she’s really starting to make a lot of veteran plays and has really grown into a very good shortstop.”  Melsted says.

“Kind of felt like a deer in the head headlights at first but as I got more comfortable I love the position now.  I can’t see myself playing any other position.”  Kennedy says.

As if we need another reason to talk about her!