Anderson Is Big Impact Player

Flyers' Anderson looks forward to more hockey

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Caleb Anderson is easy to spot on the ice.

“Yeah I’ve always been probably one of the bigger and taller kids!” Anderson says.

“A combination that you can’t really teach. You can’t teach size. You can always teach a player hockey wise, but size is something you can’t teach.” Flyers Head Coach Glenn Cacaro says.

The quick hands and skills, he’s developed.

“My dad played all his life so he had me skating right when I could. So probably like three or four years old. You know I’ve always worked on that ever since I was a kid, just off ice stick handling with a ball or just shooting on my net at home. Just kind of always working on my hands because it helps out.” Caleb says.

Putting it all together made Anderson one of South Dakota’s top high school hockey players for the last four years.

“He gets the game. So just trying to encourage him to get better every day, and the fact that he worked hard at it and he understood it, that was the most enjoyable part is watching him progress through the years.” Cacaro says.

For now Caleb’s using a different kind of stick.

“Helping pass the time in the offseason so I’m not just sitting at home being lazy.” Anderson says.

As he hopes to land a spot in the NAHL or perhaps with the Stampede.

“Just making sure that you’re really dedicated and just doing everything they say, and you work hard 24/7. Even when you’re not on the ice and in the offseason.” Caleb says.

“When you go, make that jump to the next level, you’re a small fish in a big pond again. Everyone wants to score goals. Everyone does that and you can find players to do that. But you can’t find players that will take that sacrifice and take a step to the next level by working hard. You have to separate yourself from the pack one way or another. Whether it’s being the most talented or being the hardest worker on the ice.” Cacaro says.

Something Caleb’s been pretty good at so far.

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