Unseasonable Warmth to Last Through The Week

Plenty Of Sun and Warmth Over The Next Seven Days

Monday marked the ninth day in which we have recorded a high temperature of 70-degrees or warmer in the month of April and it looks as though April will end on an even higher note. Coming into Tuesday, we have had an average temperature of 50.3° in the April, which is 4.5° above normal. While warmth is not uncommon during the month of April, it still feels like we are much warmer than where we should be at for this time of year. Case in point, last April only brought us six days of 70-degrees or warmer and we finished with an average temperature close to average and we didn’t record our final freezing temperature until May 16th and our 5 year average for our final freeze isn’t until May 6.

While I cannot promise that we have seen out final freezing temperature of the year, I can tell you that the next five days all look to be much warmer than normal and some may be at least ten degrees warmer than the average temperature for that date. Highs in the 70s are expected for the next 5 days and the long range outlook brings more warmth to start next week. Get out the suntan lotion and sunglasses, and warm up the grill, we are in for a very nice transition from April to May.

The one downside to the warm and sunny weather this week is the lack of moisture. Our only chance for rain between now and Sunday morning comes late Thursday into Friday. So, if the lawn or gardens start to look dry, better get out the hose or sprinkler system.