Women Build Houses In Honor Of National Women Build Week

Foundation built for Habitat for Humanity homes

Thousands of women across the country are coming together the week before Mother’s Day to lay the foundation for houses in honor of National Women Build Week.

During the week-long event, women devote at least one day to help build Habitat for Humanity houses.

The day is designated for women to feel resourced, educated, and comfortable in a construction site.

On Saturday, about 50 women volunteered to lay the foundation for four Habitat for Humanity Homes on East 69th Street in Sioux Falls.

National Women Build Week has been celebrated for several years in Sioux Falls and across the country.

“I love the idea that women are helping to build the foundation of four homes, knowing that there will be family gatherings, holidays, school homework, and special meals cooked in these homes,” said Niki Schillerstrom, community relations director for Habitat for Humanity.

Schillerstrom says after participating in National Women Build Week many women begin to instruct others in construction and building a home.

The Sioux Falls Habitat for Humanity homes are expected to be done in October.

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