Larsen Powered SDSU In 2015

Junior Set State Single Season Homerun Record

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Growing up, Devan Larsen learned pretty quickly that she was pretty strong.

“Earliest memory would be probably when I was playing with the guys and I actually hit a home run with them.  Started out in baseball and just had to switch to a girl’s sport I guess.”  Devan says.

And that’s something the rest of the Summit League probably wishes she hadn’t done.

“She’s probably the strongest kid I’ve ever coached.  And that’s due to her work ethic in the weight room and her conditioning and all that stuff that she does outside of softball.  But yeah, at any time she can put the ball out.  Wind blowing in, wind blowing out, she can put the ball out.”  SDSU Head Coach Krista Wood says.

Which was on display all year long, as the Washington native set new SDSU records with 16 homeruns, 105 total bases and a .691 slugging percentage.

“Well I’ve always been a really strong athlete I guess.  And this past year I’ve just been focusing on seeing the ball more and making more solid contact.”  Larsen says.

“She’s really learning the mental game a lot.  And I think that’s helped her this year is just being more mentally tough and just having better at-bats.”  Wood says.

And with Devan just two homeruns shy of the Jackrabbits career homerun record of 25, don’t be surprised if she powers through that mark next year!  

In Brookings, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.