Kieffer Bellows Made His Father Proud

Bellows had record-setting season for Stampede

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Wherever Kieffer Bellows goes goals and championships follow.

Kieffer Bellows, Stampede:”I don’t know if it’s just or anything right now but I’m trying to live it up while I can. The Edina state h.s. Championship was amazing, but this is even bigger…”

Sound familiar? It should. It runs in the family.

Brian Bellows, Former NHL star (Kieffer’s dad): “He has incredible passion for the game and you know what, he loves scoring goals…”

16-year old Kieffer was born at the end of Brian Bellows 17 year NHL career. His dad scored 485 goals and won the Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1993.

Cary Eades, Stampede Head Coach:”Kieffer wants to make a name for himself and he’s doing that. He’s really proven he’s a day to day player, he’s a top 6 player and as you can see he’s got a dynamite shot…”

Which is what Kieffer did in his first year with the Stampede. Coming off a state title at Edina High School, his 33 goals were the most by a 16-year old in USHL history.

Kieffer:”It’s a fast, hard league and you know when you’re out there you see all these guys going really fast and really hard you feel like you’ve got to elevate your game to that level too…”

Kieffer scored nine more times during the Stampede’s Clark Cup Championship run.

Kieffer:”It’s surreal, words can’t describe it. I’m just so happy to be enjoying it with these guys, love these guys, we’ll walk together forever…”

Brian:”I consider the most proud moment is when we run into people in Sioux Falls and they tell us what a great son we have. You can have talent and some times it works out, some times it may not work out. But when you hear that your son is being a good boy, as a parent you’re very happy…”

Which might explain why good things keep happening.

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