Adam Bray Hopes To Be SDSU’s Next Big League Arm

Our Athlete Of The Week Set SDSU's Strikeout Record

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From Caleb Thielbar, to Blake Treinan and Layne Somsen, SDSU has had some major league quality arms.  

Yet none of them struck out as many in their time as a Jackrabbit than Adam Bray.

“Starting with me sets the tone for the whole weekend.  If I have a good game, everybodies going to build on it.  So I kind of like that pressure.”  Bray says.

“Your Friday guy has got to be special because your in a lot of close games, a lot of one run games.  And we felt that, you know, his heart could handle it.  And that’s exactly why he’s pitching on Friday.  He’s got a big heart and he competes like crazy.”   SDSU Manager Dave Schrage says.

In four years Bray has whiffed 264 batters, smashing Trevor Shulte’s record by nearly 40 punchouts.

“It’s a really cool record and one of my big accomplishments in baseball so far.”  Adam says.  

“Bray definitely among the top.  I mean, definitely at least my top three.  Him and Layne Somsen are very comparable.  Both spot up their fastball very well and then come with the off speed.”  SDSU Senior Catcher Reid Clary says.

In a way it’s been a passing of the pitching torch at State.  Bray learned from Somsen, who learned from Treinen, who learned from Thielbar.

“You learn from those guys and just being behind them, and knowing what it takes is key.  Just getting better every day.”  Bray says.

And now Adam will make his pitch to join them in the pros.

“You just gotta take one day at a time and just keep getting better every day.  And if it comes, it comes.”  Adam says.

By taking the same attitude he carries to the mound.