New Pet Waste Stations Installed Along SF Bike Trail

Could Help Reduce Big Sioux River Pollution

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The city of Sioux Falls is making it easier than ever for dog owners to be responsible, by installing two dozen new pet waste stations along the bike trail.

Snaking through the city, the Big Sioux provides a pop of nature in an urban setting. But people and their pets spending time along the banks of the river could be harming the Sioux Falls natural resources.

“Believe it or not, pet waste is actually considered a form of water pollution,” said Jessica Lantgen,, Public Works Environment.

Lantgen says the pollution caused by pet waste is worse than most pet owners realize.

“As it decays in water, it will release ammonia and consume the oxygen in the water. That can make an unhealthy aquatic environment,” said Lantgen.

In order to keep that waste out of the Big Sioux, the city has installed 24 new pet waste stations along the bike trail.

“This is just another way in which the park patrons can help us and help the community to keep the quality park system that we have,” said Kelby Meiras, Sioux Falls Parks and Rec Operations Manager.

The project is made possible by a $6,000 grant, which will be enough to keep the stations stocked throughout the year.

Dog owners are already on board with the new additions to the trail.

“It just really helps clean up the park and just keeps it nice for the dogs and nice for the owners so they don’t step in anything,” said Jack Vanveldhuizen.

Michell Williams says cleaning up after your dog is just part of being a responsible owner.

“Even though my dogs are very, very tiny, we always make sure we do our part by picking up,” said Williams.

With the new waste stations, there’s no excuse why all dog owners can’t do their part.

The waste stations are part of an effort that will also include public service announcements to teach people the importance of keeping pet waste out of the river.

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