Burns Leads Brookings To State Title

No burning Brookings centerfielder

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He’s the centerfielder who always seems to be front and center for Brookings.

“I love spectacular play, they’re so much fun. And hearing the crowd cheer, so I love to make them and just whenever I get the opportunity I go 110 percent.” Senior Outfielder Mack Burns says.

Which makes it hard to believe Mack Burns hasn’t been playing out there very long.

“I played infield all the way up to two or three years ago. And my coach, Zach Thomas, actually said to go out in the outfield.” Burns says.

Ever since, Mack has been burning hitters and baserunners alike.

“I mean I’ve said this when he was a sophomore or junior, I mean he’s one of the best outfielders that I’ve ever coached. And it doesn’t matter if he’s in the field, or on the bases, or at the plate, I mean he’s just a true clutch player and just has such calm confidence about himself and carries himself so well. And our players really thrive off him.”

Making big catches on defense wasn’t limited to baseball and isn’t the only part of Mack’s story. Burns bats leadoff, where he helped spark Brookings to a state title during the high school season.

“It’s hard to describe, I mean, all these guys have been working their whole lives for this. We couldn’t have done this without everybody, oh man! I mean, I just love being the effort guy all over the place, just doing everything for the team.” Mack says.

Which is why Mack’s usually in the middle of everything!