Feterl Good As Gold At World Championships!

Lennox Archer Is Our Karl's TV & Appliance Athlete Of The Week

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For Cole Feterl, archery is all about the battle with his opponent.

“I think he like the competition.  He was always a competitive kid anyway and he gets to meet a lot of people.  He like to travel, he’s a good talker with people, he likes to meet people all the time.”  Cole’s Father Paul Feterl says.  

And himself.

“Something that really gets me coming back is the frustration of it.  Everybody is like oh yeah, archery is so easy.  And one day it’ll be easy and the next day it’s not.”  Cole says.

The 16-year old from Lennox got his start in archery nine years ago, in part, to compete with his father.

“For my dad’s anniversary my mom got him a bow and I just watched him shoot in the yard and stuff, just bow hunting stuff.  So I got a bow and I got into bow hunting and I kind of went along with it.”  Feterl says.  

“Yeah for a while I did until he started beating me!  Then we had to find someone else.”  Paul says.

Soon Cole went from defeating dad to winning at tournaments, striving to make the World Archery Youth Championships being held just south of home in Yankton.

“We thought about it last year but I knew he wasn’t quite ready for that yet.  He was shooting good last year but through the winter he really kicked it in.”  Paul Feterl says.

Ironically, the competitive Feterl surpassed his own expectations as part of a team, helping the United States capture a gold medal in the Compound Cadet team championships.

“I went into the trials and I’m like, I’ll just shoot my best or do whatever.  But it turned out good and I’ve always wanted to, it’s a pleasure to shoot for USA.  Just faith in yourself, trust in your own shot.”  Cole says.