O’Gorman Summer Government Class Gets Special Visit From Sen. Thune

Most students aren’t excited for summer school, but the summer government class at O’Gorman High School got a very special visit from a local politician this week.

Sen. John Thune stopped by the class to talk to students about current events and the importance of getting involved in the world around them.

Thune shared his own personal experience of how he got started in politics, and says he’d like to inspire young people to go into public service some day.

Even if they take a different path, Thune says it’s important for them to have a solid understanding of government.

“Everything that we do in Washington, everything that happens at the state capitol or here at city hall for that matter affects the future that they’re going to live in. It’s important that they be active citizens and be a part of the debates that occur about the big issues of the day,” said Thune.

Thune has been stopping by the summer government class for years. He says it’s not just a learning experience for the students, but also for himself.

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