1,950 Stopped at DUI Checkpoint, 3 Arrested

550 breathalyzed at I-29 checkpoint

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A total of 1,950 people were stopped on the interstate early Friday morning, as local law enforcement conducted a sobriety checkpoint.

Five hundred fifty people were breathalyzed, three were arrested for DUI.

”Our ultimate goal would be to have this and arrest nobody for Driving Under the Influence,” said South Dakota Highway Patrol Sergeant Steven Schade.

That goal wasn’t quite achieved, as three drivers were arrested with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.

”The consequences are getting caught, going to jail, then after you got court costs, lawyer fees, losing your license for a while.”

Officers say the point behind the checkpoint is to encourage people not  to get behind the wheel if they’ve had too much to drink.

”We just want people not to drink and drive all the time, make wise decisions on designated drivers, finding different alternatives for getting home.”

Schade says Friday morning’s location, on Interstate 29 between the Madison and Russell exits, was specifically selected because of the high number of alcohol-related incidents in the area.

“We chose this area based on statistics. It’s a high DUI arrest area, high crash area, high alcohol violations, so it’s an area that we need to focus our attention on.”

Data indicates that there were 159 DUI arrests, 94 alcohol violations, and 19 crashes there during the last two years.

The checkpoint was a joint effort between the Sioux Falls Police Department, Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management, and the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

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