Pierre’s Badger Rules The Outfield

Badger is Karl's TV & Appliance Athlete of the Week

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With his last name, it’s no surprise that Landon Badger is ferocious.

“I try to set the tone right away when we get out there to hit because I’m in the top three hitters right away. So get on base, try to get a double, triple if I can, get a little confidence booster to our team. And then it’s always good to get a little diving catch out there and that always gets a smile on everyone’s face.” Badgers says.

“If there’s a centerfielder that’s better in the state you’re going to have to challenge him because he’s not going to give that up easy either. He’s that competitive.” Pierre Post 8 Head Coach Brian White says.

Badger is the catalyst for Pierre’s baseball and hockey teams.

“My coaches in hockey and baseball they’ve told me to keep playing different sports to keep getting the skills in all those different sports. That way you’re progressing in more than one thing and it’s helped me to become a better baseball player and hockey player.” Badger says.

“He tracks a baseball like he tracks a hockey puck across the ice. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, he’s going to find a way to inspire his teammates by how hard he plays.” White says.

On the diamond Landon helped the Governors reach consecutive State Tournaments, and in legion play Badger’s in the middle of Post 8’s best season since 2011.

“I’d never say best or not the best, whatever, but I know I’m up there. I know what I can get to and what I can’t and I just try to stay positive all the time.” Landon says.

Which is how Landon and Pierre hope to keep badgering their opposition!

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