Repko Is Birds’ Father Figure

Jason Repko is having special season with Canaries

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To some of his Canary teammates, Jason Repko is a father figure.

“Growing up in Los Angeles I’d go out and watch Repko play when I was 16, 17. And now being on the same team, it’s surreal some times.” Canaries Catcher Richard Stock says.

“Makes me a feel a little bit old but it’s still cool though too because he told me how him and his friends would come to the games and they’d see me in the outfield and I’m thinking wow, that was ten years ago!” Jason Repko says.

To Tyler Repko he’s just dad!

“Well it feels pretty cool that he’s finally playing baseball again!” Tyler says.”

Unlike his father’s teammates, seven year old Tyler is too young to remember any of his dad’s seven big league seasons, and rather than have him retire before the 2015 season, Tyler had a request….

“I want you to go play baseball.” Tyler says he told his dad.

And that’s how Jason joined the Canaries, providing a veteran presence on a young team…..

“Probably the most humble big leaguer I’ve ever met. So, you know, having him there is incredible for all of us. And yeah, seeing the reason he’s out here, seeing him raising his son and letting us help out a little bit with his son is fun.” Stock says.

….While bringing his son and 4-year old daughter Avery with him from Washington…..

“It’s something that he wanted me to continue doing and I kind of felt like, if my body allowed me to and I was healthy enough to play, why not? These are memories that, you know, my daughter and my son are both going to be able to remember for a long time now that they’re old enough.” Jason says.

…For a summer as special as any Jason has ever had.

“I said how do you feel watching dad go 0-2 with a strikeout? He’s like it’s okay! You’ll play tomorrow! You can get a hit tomorrow!” Jason says.

“I think hit it dad!” Tyler says.

With the Canaries, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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