Avoiding Tragedy In The Water

Three deaths occur over the weekend in South Dakota.

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Area lakes are packed this time of year with kids enjoying their dwindling summer days.

Just as quick as the fun begins, it can end in tragedy.

Kingsbury County Sheriff, Kevin Scotting says there is always a chance of something happening – you know and you just never know it.

Residents in Kingsbury County are mourning the loss of a 5 year old girl after she fell of the dock and into Lake Thompson.

The incident was the third of three drownings in South Dakota on Saturday alone.

However, Scotting says that tragedies like this one are preventable.  

“Watch the alcohol use,” he says, “and keep an eye on little ones.”

By nature kids like to play in the water, but there is a way to allow them to enjoy the summer heat while staying safe.

For Tony Bares, it comes down to educating his two little ones on what to do to stay safe in the lakes.

“Let them know not to come down to the lake by themselves,” says Bares, “and put life jackets on them.”

It can be difficult to keep an eye on them when they are so quick, but the events following can be even quicker. 

“Just let them know of the dangers that are out there,” Bares added, “and what can happen in the water. Things can change in a hurry.”

A simple message that could help save lives taken far too soon.

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