Judge Sentences Homeless Man To Life

Arthur Brundige will spend the rest of his life in the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

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Arthur Brundige’s attorney wanted to put that cold November day into context.

His attorney argued that a mix of alcohol and cocaine pushed Brundige over the edge, causing him to strangle 39 year old Sabrina White.

However, the prosecution wasn’t buying it. Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Hynek said that this was no accident and proof of that lied in his extensive criminal background.

Brundige had two convicted felonies by the age of 22.

Judge Robin Houwman explained to the court that she takes into account many factors for a case like this; like remorse and whether someone would be a danger to others.

She told the court she saw no remorse in his pre-sentencing investigation and she saw none in is face today.

Hynek said that with his background, this is where Brundige belongs.

“His criminal history played a huge role in the ultimate outcome that Judge Houwman handed down, “said Hynek, “looking at his criminal history that pattern of violence escalated over the course of years.”

Brundige’s DNA has been linked to a rape case in Minnesota. Hynek said investigators there are planning to press charges.