Sioux Falls Father Arrested Following Amber Alert

Jacob Vortherms was arrested in Fulda, MN after kiddnapping his 18- month old toddler, police say.

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What started out as disorderly conduct call for police soon turned into an interstate search for a missing 18-month old.

Jacob Vortherms, 30, was arrested around 11:30 pm Saturday night in Fulda, MN.

Police were dispatched to the Old Chicago restaurant. When they arrived, the ex-girlfriend confirmed that Vortherms had harassed her via text and voicemail messages. He said that she would never see any of her kids again.

Two other children were in Fulda, staying with their grandmother. Police say that is where he had planned to go.

According to court documents, Vortherms went to the residence of his ex-girlfriend and caused approximately $5,000 in property damages.

Police were able to track down the father using geo-location services.

On Facebook, Vortherms openly mocked the Amber Alert system saying, “lol amber alert I’m his dad [expletive].”

Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department believes that while it wasn’t true in this case, social media can help track down criminals and share sensitive information like the Amber Alert.

“There’s a lot of information that can be gained through social media,” says Officer Clemens, “especially we have a lot of other people that have that information and basically are doing work on their own end.”

Neither the kidnapped toddler nor the two other children were harmed in Saturday night’s event.

Vortherms is currently sitting in the Lyons County jail in Minnesota. He faces charges of burglary, intentional damage to property and abuse or cruelty.

If he fights extradition, Officer Clemens says it could take weeks before he is brought back to Sioux Falls.

This Amber Alert is the first one in Sioux Falls and only the fifth case since the operation of the Amber Alert system in 2013.

However, many people claim to have not received any notifications to their phones and emails.

The Attorney General’s office says that certain sufficient criteria must be met, on two separate platforms for an alert to be issued. They do this to help keep the integrity of the system.

Sufficient information like age and confirmation from law enforcement must be met.

Additionally, a known license plate number must be known for notifications to be sent by email and text.

In the case of this past weekend, by the time those notifications were ready to be sent the child had been recovered.

If interested in signing up for message alerts click, here, for the Division of Criminal Investigation.



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