Making His Pitch For Another Brookings State Title

Bandits led by Mr. Versatile Kyle Krogman

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Kyle Krogman seems like a natural hurler.

Kyle Krogman-Brookings:”I love getting the ball on the mound. And I just try to rule the hill every time I’m out there…”

So it might surprise you to learn that the Brookings senior has spent more time receiving.

Krogman:”Up until this year I caught every game up until this year and it just so happens that our best lineup is with Jake Meyer behind the plate.

Rob Hirrschoff-Brookings Coach:”We’ve really taken advantage of Kyle’s versatility and athleticism by moving him around the diamond,. It’s not an easy thing to do but you know, he’s a natural…”

And wherever he goes, success follows. Krogman’s arm and bat have helped Brookings to a 34-11 record.

Krogman:”I really expect to keep myself in 2 to 1-run games just to give my team the best chance to win. I think that’s the kind of pitcher that I am…”

Hirrschoff:”The perspective that you get from behind the plate is really valuable in any position as you go out and play and I mean pitching and catching are always going to be inter-twined so any time a guy’s caught he’s got that much more experience in the hole…”

In the high school season, Kyle used that experience to help the Bobcats win their first state title in 12 years.

Krogman:”To leave a legacy and to bring back a championship to Brookings and say we are the champions-we earned it…”

Something he’d like to deliver again this week at the State Legion Tournament.