Man Attacked By Own Dog Following Altercation

Man robbed of possessions was then attacked by his own pit bull.

Saturday night, officers of the Sioux Falls Police Department had been dispatched to the intersection W. 6th St. and N. West Ave for a small child that had been found in the area. 

While determining where the child belonged a passerby directed the officers to a frontage road adjacent to Burnside Park. 

The passerby observed the male on the ground being attacked by a large pit bull. One officer put the child in the patrol car the other two ran across West Ave. to help the male.

One officer unloaded one round from his service weapon in an effort to defend himself. It was then that the dog continued to advance toward the officers and was shot again by the second officer. The pit bull was transported by Sioux Falls Animal Control officers to an emergency vet for medical treatment.  

The passerby had observed a male on the ground being attacked by a large pit bull.   Two SFPD officers ran across West Ave. to help the male as a third officer took the found child into a patrol car for safety.   

Investigating officers learned the victim was in an altercation with another male. He claims to have been robbed of all personal possessions. It was then when he was attacked by the pit bull, which belonged to him.

The victim suffered a bite to his left thumb, a swollen left cheek, a swollen eye and abrasions to his left elbow. He declined medical treatment.

He described the vehicle as a White Crown Victoria that contained two to five persons. He described the driver as a black male who the victim knew as “Memphis.”

No report on the dog’s condition or if the child was returned home safely.