Riders Return Home From Sturgis

The 75th Sturgis Bike Rally is coming to a close.

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The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has caused headaches for some. But others say it was one of the best rallies they’ve ever been to.

The rally officially comes to a close on Sunday, and many riders are starting to head out now.

Marco Godard has never seen so many motorcycles at one time.

The 4,000-mile journey from Quebec to Sturgis was well worth the drive.

The vendors and all the motorcycle companies were there – very, very interesting,” he says.

The Sturgis bike rally brought thousands of people through the state, and is expected to bring in over $800 million.

However, the rally did create trouble for law enforcement, but Godard and his group make sure they take all the necessary precautions.

“We always travel at least by two or three,” says Godard, “and always check our dead angles and make sure we look twice.”

The South Dakota Highway Patrol expects traffic around the state will return to normal by mid-week.

For Godard, all the stress and traffic was worth it.

“I was proud I didn’t miss this one. I was very happy.”

Godard is just one of thousands of people beginning the journey back to home.