August Heat Not To Hamper Riverfest 2015

Saturday's very hot, beautiful weather is bringing thousands of people to downtown.

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In its 3rd year, Riverfest 2015 was certainly a hot one.

For Brienne Maner, who has served three years as the Communication Director for downtown Sioux Falls, says that years one and two far exceeded their expectations. But even as the years changed, the goal has always been the same.  

“We wanted to showcase the beauty is the Big Sioux River Greenway,” says Maner.

For Maner and the other event organizers, Riverfest is a strong representation of the Sioux Falls community.

“We’ve got a lot going on right now and there’s a ton of development happening all over the Sioux Falls area, especially in this downtown area.”

The river walk is lined with local food vendors, musicians and artists showcasing the one thing people like Billy Schlotter love the most.

“The downtown is just growing and they are trying to bring this ‘smaller-large’ city to a larger forefront,” says Schlotter.

It’s a goal among businesses and residents alike: to capitalize on the downtown vibrancy; regardless, of the dog days of summer in South Dakota.  

“It’s a little hot,” joked Maner, “but it’s going to cool off and we have a lot of great cold drinks available plus an interactive water fountain available for the kids down by Hilton Garden Inn.”

For Schlotter the sweltering heat is welcomed.

 “Obviously I’m wearing a tank top outside,” he says, “there’s only a certain time span in the year in South Dakota that you get to actually wear a tank top or shorts.”

Those who were able to brave the heat at Riverfest are actually benefiting people in the Sioux Empire. All the money raised goes to the city’s budget for other events.

“You are contributing to the betterment of the downtown community by being here,” added Maner.

The community strength at Riverfest was as strong as the river itself.

“So, we are here to celebrate community,” says Maner.