Changing Your Passwords To Save Your Identity

Sen. Thune weighs in on Cyber Security at Washington Pavilion on Monday

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It seems like we spend more time on the web these days – from accessing email to online shopping. However, with each click, there lies an increased risk for someone to access your personal information.

Sen. John Thune addressed dozens of community members at the Washington Pavilion on Monday. Joined with Kristin Judge of the National Cyber Security Alliance, they discussed how important it is to keep your passwords protected.

“People need to get serious about protecting their information,” says Senator Thune.

Banking information, personal and work emails even your Facebook page, can be compromised if you aren’t safe.

“This is a real issue with real consequences,” he added, “it needs to be dealt with in that kind of serious way.”

1-2-3-4 passwords and the word… ‘password’ — simply won’t do anymore. Hackers can obtain that information in a matter of hours.

Cyber security is much more of a problem now, now that you can access your information on your smart phones and tablets. But that’s only the start of the problem.

Weston Yager of Mac Pros, says that often times people are coerced into cyber security issues, which then play right into the hands of hackers.

“[Hackers] trick people into calling these numbers and having them pay exuberant fees when they aren’t really doing anything,” says Yager.

But Senator Thune says that the internet is a very valuable tool; as long as people are taking extra precautions.

“Technology has been a remarkable way to increase our productivity as a country, to add incredible amounts of convenience an opportunity to our daily lives,” says Senator Thune.

The National Cyber Security Alliance suggests that you take extra precautions with the two-step verification methods on your accounts. This is the most up-to-date way of protecting your highly secure information.

Judge says that that there are tutorials on the National Cyber Security Alliance webpage, here, for tutorials on keeping all your information protected.

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