Police Discover Human Trafficking Ring

6 arrested for forcing two 18-year-olds to perform sexual acts for money

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It started out as an arrest for prostitution. The Sioux Falls Police Department Street Crimes Unit spotted an advertisement online that appeared linked to prostitution.

Officers began to talk to the two young women and discovered that they were being forced into human trafficking.

It was then that police were led to 730 N. Terrace Place. On Aug. 17th detectives from the ‘Crimes Against Persons Section’ along with personnel from the Crime Lab, joined the investigation.

Police arrested, 25-year-old Jerrid Lee Morris, and 32-year-old Duwana Annette Smiley for 1st Degree Human Trafficking and Maintaining a Place Where Drugs are Kept or Sold.

Four others, 28-year-old Ycenia Dolores Brown, 24-year-old Shaves Lee Brown, 23-year-old Joshua Stevens and 23-year-old Tatiana Williams, were also arrested on drug charges.  

A neighbor of the residence, who wished to stay anonymous, couldn’t believe this happened in her neighborhood.

“It was, it was a shock,” she said.

Police also discovered cocaine, marijuana and a plastic bag with Methamphetamine residue in the home. But for the neighbor, she never saw anything that looked suspicious.

“That was what was kind of mysterious, because it didn’t seem like there was people coming in and out,” she says.

Lieutenant David McIntire with the Sioux Falls Police, says that crimes as extreme as this, are often committed by career criminals.

“In general, when you do find a trafficker, this is not a new criminal this is someone who’s generally in a lifetime criminal,” said Lt. McIntire.

And for these 6 that was certainly the case.

Each suspect had lengthy criminal records both in and out of South Dakota; including robbery, forgery and assault.

“It was very out of the ordinary, we have a really wonderful, nice, quiet, friendly neighborhood,” said the neighbor.

Lt. McIntire believes that crimes like these are stopped with the help of the community.

“There is more awareness of the situation with human trafficking we have more people bringing us information as well,” he said.

All suspects are expected back in court in about two weeks.

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