Planned Parenthood Protests Spark Nationwide

Sioux Falls residents joined a list of cities protesting Planned Parenthood

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A national protest against Planned Parenthood took place all over the country Saturday morning. Community members stood outside the Planned Parenthood sites holding signs and voicing their concerns.

In Sioux Falls, Luke Perkins organized the local protest.

“It’s a baby; it’s a growing infant in the mother’s womb,” says Perkins who used Facebook to bring over 100 people together.

The decision on whether or not to defund Planned Parenthood has been a hot button issue across the country. From politicians to community residents, everyone seems to have an opinion on the issue. This comes after videos allegedly showed Planned Parenthood officials discussing sales from their fetal tissue donation program.

Planned Parenthood has been an institution in the US since its founding in 1916. The Planned Parenthood of Sioux Falls has served South Dakota for more than 25 years…providing birth control, lifesaving cancer treatments and abortions.

But Planned Parenthood says people are missing the good these centers do for women. And that the abortive services, is but only one aspect of the program.  

But Luke Perkins sees things differently. He was one of many protestors on W. 41st St. in Sioux Falls — and believes the US government should no longer fund the program.

“There are a handful of pro-life groups that organized a national protest today.”

Sioux Falls is one of many cities across the country that participated in the National Day of Protest – all in an effort to raise more awareness in local communities.

“People aren’t aware of what’s really going on, what abortion really is, and so I think, most people are here because the unborn children are being destroyed and they care,” added Perkins.

But Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood for Minnesota and North and South Dakota, Connie Lewis says, there is an important piece of information people are neglecting.

“Planned Parenthood in our region does not have a fetal tissue donation program,” Lewis says in a written statement to KDLT News, “But patients sometimes ask if they can donate tissue for scientific research.”

She also went on to say that any federal funds they receive, goes to making birth control available to women who cannot afford it, not for fetal tissue research.

But Perkins says, the good work Planned Parenthood does, does not outweigh the bad.

“No matter what other good things you might have, you have terrible atrocities going on that’s funding the organization a great deal, and so, I think it’s time for it to end,” he says.

It is a topic of conversation that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

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