New Update Coming For District App

Sioux Falls School District will re-launch app with new features

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The Sioux Falls School District app is becoming more popular since its launch in 2013. The app makes it easier for parents to keep their kids organized and stay up to date with information.

A new update will mean even more important information will come straight to your smart phone.

“At the beginning of a school year, it is critically important for families to be connected to their schools,” says DeeAnn Konrad, Community Relations Supervisor for the district.

In as much time as it takes to upload a video to Instagram, parents can access their entire child’s important school information – right from their tablet or smart phone. Something Konrad thinks is important. 

“[We have] a genuine desire to communicate with our families, our community as a whole, and make information accessible to them in a way that they’re used to receiving that information.”

The app is available for Apple and Android devices and has grown in popularity since its launch in 2013. Since checked on Monday afternoon, Konrad says there were over 8,500 downloads.

“It used to be that the school newsletter was printed out and sent home with every student.”

But now, with just a touch, parents can access lunch menus, balance info even talk to their child’s teacher.

A new feature includes parents being able to read news letters in languages other than English: an important component for a district where 81 different languages are spoken.

“Even if we don’t have the language they speak, they might be able to read in another language as well,” she adds.

The app is not just designed for parents and students. Konrad says many times the community wants to watch an athletic contest or watch a play. This app will let those know when to expect events.

“If you have a niece or a nephew and you don’t have anyone in the Sioux Falls School District, yourself, but you have a family member or friend download the app. It can be useful to you as well.”

The update to the app will occur on Aug. 31. Most devices will do the update automatically.    

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