A Picture Is Worth An Endangered Animals Life

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From the blue whale to the orangutan, there are a number of endangered animal species around the world And a nine year old girl from Tea wants to bring awareness to these animals and help save them.

The saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

“I really like doing the eyes on them and I like doing the background with sponges.”

But what if it went, “a picture is worth an endangered animals life”?

“I really love animals and I really wanted to help them,” said Bria while working on a painting of the spectacled bear.

Nine year old Bria Neff has been painting and selling pictures of endangered animals to help raise awareness since May.

“She’ll do the research and then she’ll name, she’ll title it,” explained Bria’s mom, Amity Shay Neff.

Having finished around 50 paintings her mom, Amity Shay, is speechless.

“I don’t think she clearly understands what she’s doing; the impact, how many people she’s touched, how she’s reaching out with IFAW and raising this money to help animals not only nationally but internationally.”

With 75% of the proceeds being donated to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Bria’s already getting attention.

“They think she’s ridiculously amazing and it’s just really neat,” said Bria’s mom, Amity Shay Neff. “They want to have one of her paintings but they’re just waiting to see what sells.”

Bria’s even done a few special paintings.

“The honeybee is endangered for sure because of everything but I love bees and she made me a special picture so that’s not for sale,” Amity Shay Neff, her mother, said laughing.

Bria also painted a special painting for her brother’s 6th birthday tomorrow… so it’s still a surprise. You can buy Bria’s art by liking her Facebook page Faces of the Endangered. Her paintings range from 3 x 5″ to 16 x 20″.

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