Recent Flood Can Expose Hidden Problems

Be sure to properly dry out your home to stop mold, says expert

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Headaches from Thursday’s ‘Monster’ flood continued Sunday. Cleanup efforts are in full gear across the Sioux Empire.

But professionals say if the cleaning isn’t done properly, it could lead to future dangers – hidden problems with interior floods.

The basement is an architectural bonus that adds value to any home. Until mother nature decides to ruin it.

“I’ve lived in Sioux Falls all my life,” says Kyle Eberts, owner of Puroclean, “I’ve never seen that amount of rain in one short period of time.”

Rain that is still impacting homeowners well past its recession Friday morning. And since then, Eberts says calls have continued to flooding his business.

“Everything that we are getting right now is flood water.”

While the flood has receded, there are still hidden problems homeowners should we weary of.

“The thing the homeowner can’t see is inside the wall,” adds Eberts, “so we moisture meter all the walls to make sure they are all dry.

Because if not.

“That’s when we get out mold calls when the structure is not dried out.”

There are plenty of steps to take at home that don’t require hiring an outside contractor.

Eberts suggests leaving windows open during the day, keep fans on the drenched area, watch for floors to buckle or trim to tear away from the wall, and finally pay close attention to the smell of your home

But now, is also a good opportunity to save you from another flood. Be sure downspouts are pointed away from the house and that window wells have plenty of rock.

“Make sure that you see rock, or some sort of landscape substance, underneath your window. We also we need to dig that rock back and see if we have dirt within three to six inches below that rock surface.”

If you don’t properly dry your home, you could risk mold growing. And prolonged exposure to mold could cause respiratory irritation.

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