Local Brewery Opens In Downtown Sioux Falls

WoodGrain Brewery Co. Pouring For Customers Starting Thursday

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A new local brewery opened today in Downtown Sioux Falls.

We got an sneak peak of WoodGrain Brewery Company before it opened it’s doors to the public at 3 p.m. Ryan Vantol says his two buddies Steve Hartman and Jason Currie-Olson were brewing beer in their garage for years before the three finally decided to start the business.

WoodGrain Brewery has a five barrel system on location on South Phillips Avenue and can brew 155 gallons and four kinds of beers at a time. Right now they have a wheat bear, a milk stout, an IPA and a pale ale available for their customers to come in and enjoy.

Vantol said, “Our dream is that craft beer is kind of a social, friends concept and we would love to have people come in, sit down and have a couple beers with their friends and just hang out for an evening because that’s what we have done over the years, is gotten together and shared beers as friends.”

The table tops and bar top in the brewery has been made out of refurbished wood from a local barn. There is seating for around 60 people and room for people on their outdoor patio.

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