Lifelight Grows Thanks To Spacious Farmland

Lifelight Festival returns to Worthing farm, grows in popularity

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For 18 years the Lifelight Music Festival has played a crucial role in the community; bridging entertainment with ministry and worship.

So it should be no surprise that the festival has grown in popularity especially after its move to a local farm in Worthing.

357 days out of the year, the Pederson family farm sees maybe 20 people, but as soon as Labor Day weekend rolls around the farm looks more like an arena than a farm.

Tens of thousands will spend the weekend embracing their faith through worship, prayer and outreach.

“This is a farm, but we are making it look like a park,” jokes Lifelight CEO, Alan Greene.

But the festival hasn’t always been here.  

“After going four years at the fairgrounds and five years at a water park location; we were looking for land,” says Greene.

After searching for something larger, Greene met the Pedersons six years ago, and their 200 plus acre land in Worthing, South Dakota.

“The Pederson family took us around, showed us the land and said how about you do the festival here,” adds Greene. Much to his surprise the family was generous enough to lease the land.

But there was another added bonus.

“How about if it was a permanent home for you, and we gave it to you for free?”

Evelyn Pederson and her grandson Ben Christensen couldn’t have thought of a better organization to lend the land to.

“This land has been in the family for generations,” says Christensen, “we’re so happy to be able to let Lifelight come out and use the land here.”

The landowners call it a full-circle moment, because after they harvest the hay, Lifelight comes out and plants a seed – one more spiritual.

“We are not always bringing in corn and soybeans, but now we are bringing all these people here and we are able to share a message.”

The event is free to the public and continues until Sun. Sept. 6. See a complete schedule of the day including which bands will be playing click here.

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