Building A Legacy At State Fair

Put your name in brick at the Nordby Exhibit Hall

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Donations for the Nordby Exhibit Hall have poured in since its groundbreaking in May and its project start date two years ago.

The open exhibit space will not just serve fairgoers, but the Huron community as well.

The South Dakota State Fair could be described as a legacy. For people like Pam Geppert, 4-H life runs through her veins.

“My parents and my grandparents were involved with 4-H,” says Geppert, who serves as State Fair Commissioner.

“[And now] my kids are involved and I have a new granddaughter.”

Since 1885, the state fair in Huron has served the community’s youth by engaging them, among many ways, with projects and agriculture. Finally, after years of hard work, a new building will house that continuing legacy.

“The Nordby 4-H Exhibit Hall will be used all year long,” she adds.

The exhibit will be a multi-purpose facility and will not be used just by the state fair. The 47,000 – square feet of space, will be utilized by the community.

“We’ll be able to, as a state fair commission, rent it out, for community activities,” says Geppert.

Wedding receptions, trade shows and graduation events are just a few events that she expects to see once it’s opened.

The state fair will use the 4.7 million dollar building primarily for youth – something Miss State Fair Katlyn Bartz thinks is important.

“4-H helps children and teens build relationships with each other,” says the recently crowned Miss State Fair, “you make friends through your time in 4-H, and that’s especially important for South Dakota.”

It hasn’t been an easy process, and the goal has yet to be reached. Fair commissioners say they have about 4-million dollars. But there is a way you can help and leave a ‘mark’ on the building.

“We have gone with a brick for $1,000,” says State Fair Foundation Chair, Loren Noess.

“They can put their family farm name, they can do it memory of somebody or just put their names on there.”

Officials expect to have a grand opening celebration by the time of the next fair.

If you would like to donate, you can do so one of two ways: pick up a donation form at the fairgrounds, or donate online. That link is here.

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