Has A Local Job Search Website Proved To Work?

SiouxFallsHasJobs.com battled pushback from city leaders, despite success

SiouxFallsHasJobs.com is collection of the full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs in the city; a place where those looking for jobs can start their search, right here at home.

But the decision to fund the efforts was quite provocative last spring. Now five months after launching the website has more than 2,600 job listings.

Now hiring, help wanted, apply within signs can be seen all over the city. Employers are desperate for bodies to keep their businesses thriving.

And while at times effective, employers have begun taking to a more digital approach.

Jescika Johannsen has been a manager at Rudolph’s Shoe Mart for five years. She says that she has tried online databases for job posts, but has not had much success with applicants.

“We always expected more. You would think that the applications and resumes would be flooding in, but it’s pretty few.”

This concern piqued the interest of Director of Community Development Darrin Smith along with Mayor Mike Huether – prompting the team to create a high-powered site.

So they did. It’s called SiouxFallsHasJobs.com and it launched last April with some major push-back from city council.

“The reason I voted against it,” says City Councilman, Greg Jamison, “it was a duplication of service. We have a lot of people in the community who are helping people find jobs.”

But has it been effective?

Smith shared the following Google analytics with KDLT News:


  • Jobs viewed 260,000 times so far;
  • 35,000 visitors;
  • 42% of visitors outside of Sioux Falls and;
  • Site links to multiple partner sites including SF Chamber of Commerce, “Visit Sioux Falls,” and the City

The site has piqued interest outside the city as well. It had clicks from people in Omaha; the Twin Cities even New York City.

But Jamison still isn’t convinced.

“I haven’t had a change of heart and the whole discussion,” adds Jamison, “I’ve heard a lot from those private sectors people who are trying to do what the city is doing and they feel a little outnumbered because the city is using public tax dollars.”

Smith says an update to the site is expected later this fall.

It will allow users to create profiles and engage with employers which will help narrow their job search.