Patterson’s Defense Neuropathologists Tell Different Story Of How Boy Died

Dr. Roland Auer: Trauma Diagnosis Was 'Fast And Loose'

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The defense is pulling internationally renowned medical experts to testify in the trial for the man accused of killing Adrian Peterson’s son back in October of 2013, and they’re telling a different story of how the 2-year-old may have died.

During the past week, the state brought in more than a half dozen medical professionals who cared for Tyrese Ruffin, after he stopped breathing and suffered four brain and multiple layers of retinal hemorrhages on the night of October 9, 2013. They all testified that the 2-year-old suffered abusive head trauma while in Joseph Patterson’s care, which ultimately led to his death.

On Tuesday, the jury got a conflicting story. Patterson’s defense attorney’s went as far as Oxford, England to find a neuropathologist to testify.

Dr. Waney Squier, who has examined around 3,000 brains and has been known to testify on the behalf of accused parents, studied the medical findings and was sent tissue samples from Tyrese’s brain. She testified that her findings were consistent with choking and CPR along with many other causes, which is what the defense is trying to prove. Squier said that if the baby was affected immediately, she would expect to see bleeding into the brain. However, there was only bleeding adjacent to the brain. She also expects to see bleeding at the base of the brain, which there wasn’t.

Dr. Roland Auer, a neuropathologist from Canada, also testified Tuesday that the diagnosis of abusive head trauma was ‘fast and loose’. He testified that if the boy was hit four times, he would see sheering of certain veins, bruises from the outside in, and the skull would have been fractured. None of those were seen in Ty’s case when he arrived at the hospital.

The state was quick to point out that both doctors were paid to do research and are being paid to testify.

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