Rebuttal Witnesses Testify At Patterson Murder Trial

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Rebuttal testimony is now over in the trial for Joseph Patterson, the man accused of murdering Adrian Peterson’s biological son. The jury spent Day 9 hearing testimony from doctors who refuted testimony given by previous medical professionals.

Throughout the duration of the Patterson trial, it has been the defense who has called on outside medical experts as far away as England to testify. That wasn’t the case in rebuttal testimony Monday. The prosecution called four different doctors to the stand, two treated Ty after he received injuries while in Patterson’s care, the other two are from Chicago and Colorado.

All of them objected to the defense’s notion that the bleeding in Ty’s brain and retinas was caused by a cascade of events…. choking, prolonged CPR, a blood clotting disorder and a drug that was given to him while in the hospital.

Although Ty’s head didn’t appear to have any external injuries, the Child Abuse Pediatrician who treated Ty Dr. Nancy Free said you can have a brain injury without outside bruising, contusions, skull fractures and tearing of certain veins.

Another Child Abuse Pediatrician Dr. Sandeep Narang of Chicago, who didn’t treat Ty, said even if a fruit snack was resting on Ty’s trachea, it wouldn’t necessarily cause him to choke. However, Narang also said that if a child were to receive blows to the head equivalent to a child falling from a second story building, as we’ve heard in other testimony, he would expect to see swelling. He said that could take time to develop.

While the defense asked earlier that an outside doctor be allowed to testify during the rebuttal portion of the trial, they rested without calling any rebuttal witnesses.

Both sides are expected to make closing arguments on Tuesday, then the jury has to be condensed from 16 jurors to 12.