Making the Cut: Extreme Couponing Tips

Two Sioux Falls couponers share tips on how to save money

Couponing from the outside seems like a great deal: clip a coupon, save money on your groceries.

But what most people don’t see is that with couponing comes a lot of time, research, and planning, sometimes just to save 35 cents on a can of green beans.

But those 35 cents saved can add up, quickly.

Two Sioux Falls super couponers their tips, tricks, and insights on how to get the most bang for your buck while shopping.

They each have their stories of triumphs.

”I went shopping at sunshine and left with 6 full bags of groceries and a birthday cake for $15.60,” said Terra Anderson.

Sarah Woods has had a similar experience.

”We had just an entire cart full of toys that we ended up paying about $50 for, and it should’ve come out to $250,” she said.

For Anderson and Woods, couponing has become more than a hobby. It’s their job.

”You know, the man brings home the bacon, but the woman is the one who has to cook with the bacon, and stretch it out as far as she can,” said Woods.

With three boys and a husband to feed, Woods says making it as a single income family is her responsibility. That means no trip to the grocery store is made without coupons in hand.

Planning ahead is one of the first steps in ‘Couponing 101.’

”I try and keep a list on the refrigerator on what we’ve run out of, or what we need, or what I know I need for the week,” said Anderson, who also does her fair share of planning. “And then we do meal planning so I kind of know what I’m going to need for the next six weeks.”

Anderson also coupons to keep her family budget in check.

“We are a single income family. And one way I can do that is by couponing.”

She says clipping coupons isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time.

For Anderson, time is money.

“I consider what your hourly wage is, and if it’s worth it to you to do it, then its worth it. But if your time has to be worth something too. I’ve done it long enough that it doesn’t take me very long.”

But if you know where to look, the snipping and clipping will be a breeze.

Both Anderson and Woods hit the paper first, to search for inserts and manually clip their deals. They also print coupons off the internet and download store mobile apps.

So when it comes to managing those coupons, organization is key.

Both Woods and Anderson have a filing system for their coupons, organized by type.

They bring the coupons they know they’ll need depending on which store, and what kind of shopping trip they’re preparing for.

Both agree that when starting off couponing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But the first thing they’d say to anyone getting started is: give it a try, it doesn’t cost you any money to save money.

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