A Moment In Time Captured In Paint

They say it goes by in the blink of an eye, and that you will only remember small moments of your wedding day.

Jillian Gunlicks, the artist behind Jillian Artistry, captures those special moments on a wedding day. She’s freezing those moments in time not in a photograph, but in a painting completed from start to finish during the wedding.

“Everybody that sees it is just like, ‘That is awesome! I’ve never heard of this! I’ve never seen it!’ and it’s just something different and unique and entertaining for the guests,” said Gunlicks.

She starts by taking a photo of the scene, and then paints the background, the “boring part to watch,” as she calls it. Within four to eight hours, a masterpiece is complete.

“You can see the brushstroke, you can see the different colors and the texture, and there’s just a lot of different unique qualities to a painting. It’s kind of fun to be able to display and look at,” she said.

Art has been her passion her whole life. In fact, she also does a lot of commission work, which keeps her in practice of painting faster and faster.

She began painting weddings three years ago, and it’s spiraled into a business keeping her booked every weekend of the summer. She said it’s a unique experience for everyone at the wedding.

“Everybody gets to come by and watch it being made,” explained Gunlicks. “They get to see it from the very bare bones of it to the end when it’s pretty much done, and they are just amazed. It’s just so fun for them to be able to see that process.”

A process that takes a little time, a little patience, and a little love to create something that lasts.

“I love that I am creating something that they will have forever, and they can look back and remember that very special moment,” she said.

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