Hungry For Truth Offers New Recipe, $25,000 Kitchen Makeover Contest

The Hungry for Truth Initiative is out with another web episode — giving you some more creative cooking ideas.

And speaking of cooking, they’re also preparing to give away a $25,000 kitchen makeover — and there’s still time for you to get registered.

On Friday, Monica joined Kevin in the KDLT Kitchen to talk more about the recipe, kitchen makeover and some of the details about her own farm.

The recipe is a casserole that is great for all those holiday leftovers you may have. It combines turkey or chicken, stuffing mix, swiss cheese and cream of mushroom soup. It only takes 15 minute to bake.

Monica also talked more about her farm. They primarily farm soybeans and corn.

She says the soybeans are processed into both meal and oil. The meal is made into animal feed and fed to poultry and livestock.

“I find a lot of people don’t realize what all eats soybean meal and uses it for nutrition, and how it gets from the farm to their table,” she said. “We’re kind of the starting point for what ends up on their dinner table.”

She says the oil is used in foods, vegetable oil and products like paint and foam for cushions in seats. It is also used to make renewable Bio-diesel fuel.

Hungry for Truth is also holding their $25,000 kitchen makeover contest sponsored by Karl’s TV & Appliance. There is still time to register – the deadline is before midnight on December 13th.

You can find the recipe, sign up for the kitchen makeover and find more information about connecting with farmers to ask questions about growing and raising food on the Hungry for Truth website,  

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