Yoga With The Butterflies

Classes Every Weekend

It’s hard to imagine connecting with nature on a cold January day, but the experience is closer than you might think. 

The Sertoma Butterfly House is a fun place to explore but also a great destination to find relaxation. Classes like yoga are offered on the weekends, and instructor Sean Gallub says that the setting an exercise pairs well. 

“There’s nothing rushed about this environment. It gives you that chance to completely relax and enjoy the experience.” Gallub says. 

If you find yourself getting stir crazy this winter, there are plenty of reasons to get out and see the butterflies. 

Education curator Jen Kindelspire says the addition of exercise classes on the weekends have received a positive response. 

“It’s been really good, people are really loving the beautiful atmosphere. Being able to do Savasana and have a butterfly land on you o have a quail walk right beside you is a really fun experience to have.” Kindelspire says. 

Yoga is offered every Sunday at 10 a.m. and Tai Chi every Saturday. There’s also a Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Class that will be held on Feb. 1. 

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