Dog Found In Window Well Reunites With Owner

Five realtors happened to be in the right place at the right time

Just about every day pets go missing, or are stolen in the Sioux Empire. Some are never found, but thanks to a group of realtors, one pet owner is reunited with his longtime companion.

It all boiled down to luck.

The group tours new listings in the area every Monday in Brandon.

On this morning’s run, they made an unplanned stop at a home under construction expecting to find excess plywood or sheet-rock, but instead they found a neighbors missing pet. 

“At first I said there’s a dying dog in the window because he looked cold, didn’t have a reaction and I thought this is kind of weird,” says Broker Associate for Hegg Realtors Lee Schelling. 

Schelling was the first one to walk into the basement of the house off of Creekside Drive, and see a dog laying in the window well. 

“I thought maybe I should go outside and grab him, but I thought if I grab his collar he’s going to try to bite me,” says Schelling. “So they had a better idea to open the window and let him in.” 

Fifteen-year-old Abby accidentally got out from her home across the street around 7 a.m.

The agents found her around 10 a.m. 

“[The dog] was obviously under some stress,” says Broker Associate Harry Buck. 

Buck says after they brought the spotted animal inside from the bitter cold, they called Brandon police, and Abby and her owner were then reunited. 

“It just seemed like the right thing to do,” says Buck. “It would be hard to just walk away. Lee had a great idea getting a hold of the police, because the owner had already called and let them know that they were looking for their dog. So it worked out fine.” 

While deciding last minute to preview a home that has a missing dog in the window well seems unusual, Buck says it’s actually not. 

“It’s easy to happen,” says Buck. “Animals can fall into window wells a lot. I think anybody that’s probably in the real-estate business has seen some sort of an animal at a time or two in a window well.”

The owner of the dog, who wishes to remain anonymous, says like most dogs, his furry friend enjoys chasing bunnies; which is what she was likely doing before she ended up in the well.

The owner says he is very grateful the realtors stopped when they did.