East Bank Yoga Offers Weekly Meditation Classes

A little relaxation can do a lot of good, refreshing not just our bodies, but more importantly, our minds as well.

Meditation is a great way to give yourself a mental break. And weekly classes at East Bank Yoga can show you the best way to go about it!

On Tuesday, Jill Moncur, owner of East Bank Yoga, joined Kevin and Sarah on KDLT News Today to talk more about the classes and meditation methods.

“There is a universal need to relax and we all need to take time to care for ourselves and spend some time in meditation,” Moncur said.

A meditation session does not have to be long. Moncur says it can be as short as one to two minutes.

Yoga, she says, was derived from meditation. It is something Moncur has been interested in since high school.

As far as technique, Moncur says you should have proper posture, breathing and usually have your eyes closed. She says to make sure your body is not rigid – just relax.

For more information about the class schedule and East Bank Yoga, click here.

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